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Give the gift of growth, healing and hope!

Your support provides community members with a unique experience while improving balance, posture, muscle strength and focus as well as coping, social, communication and relationship skills.

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Equine Therapy provides growth, healing and hope!

CHAPS is a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of our clients. But don't take our word for it, read what our clients have to say below.

"Chloe has ridden with CHAPS for many, many years and each year she rides, she comes away with more and more confidence and self-esteem. It's been a pleasure to watch her grow and learn over the years. Chloe has kyphosis in her back and struggles with bad posture. As a result of her horse therapy, her posture has improved and when she rides you would never know there is an issue! There is something to be said about just being on a horse and the peace and freedom it gives you. She loves it and we can't imagine not being able to do it! Most recently, her biggest accomplishment is being able to trot by herself! My, what a milestone! She had a smile big enough to light up a room. When on a horse you would never know the daily struggles Chloe has due to multiple developmental delays! CHAPS lets Chloe be the confident young lady we all know she is without any judgement or stereotypes! Like I said, we can't imagine life without CHAPS!"

--Danielle Laumann, Parent

"The benefits of equine therapy are truly amazing. Having never been near or around horses and sufferening from combat post traumatic stress, I was skeptical; the horses have no agenda and you have to truly dig deep to gain solace and peace. The horses and therapists are a great tool on a path to normalcy."

--R. Rodriguez, Army Veteran

'The lessons and drivin' have been great! I really look forward to comin' out to CHAPS. I've had health problems that don't seem to happen as much since bein' with the CHAPS folks and all the horses. I sure appreciate this program."

--Kent, Navy Veteran

"We are approaching our 8th year being with the CHAPS program here in Sheridan! Alexis, who is on the autistic spectrum, loves animals and relates well to them. CHAPS has been wonderful because it has given Alexis the opportunity to participate and work on her fine motor, gross motor, receptive and expressive language and cognitive skills while working with an animal. We have seen tremendous growth in her confidence and skill level over the years. Alexis has the opportunity to meet other children and participate in a small group setting weekly as well as participate in yearly competitions. Alexis looks forward to her horse sessions and has enjoyed working with several different horses over the years! We appreciate all that the CHAPS program has done for Alexis!"

--The Weeder Family

"CHAPS has helped my children in so many ways, especially emotionally. They have reinforced how much they are cared for and that there are amazing people in the world, that will help others even if they don't know them."

--Chauntel Ring, Parent