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Special projects need special attention!

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Our barn and arena are not heated, forcing closure for the late fall/winter. If we had heat, we could continue working through out the fall/winter, serving our clients on a continuous basis.

We need an office building. Currently, our Executive Director works out of a converted storage shed and the Barn Manager works out of the feed shed. We have too many employees now to share the office space in the barn.

The ED's office is not insulated, heated or cooled making it suitable for work for about 6 months of the year. The rest of the year, it is unbearably cold or ridiculously hot. There is not enough room for all the filing cabinets so we have one stored in the carriage shed. There is not enough room for a full-sized desk and if more than two people are in there for a meeting, it is quite crowded.

The Barn Manager works out of the feed shed. There is no desk, only a small bench, and no room for a filing cabinet for keeping horse records. She has to get them out from the instructor office and when she is done, they have to go back to the instructor office.

There is no room in the instructor's office, feed shed or ED's office for staff meetings. During the summer months, we can comfortably meet in the barn, but during cold months, we have to meet in town or at the ED's house.

We need a new-to-us ATV or UTV. Our 4-wheeler is over 15 years old and needs replaced. The repairs needed to get it fully functional again will cost more than it is worth. We use the 4-wheeler to spray weeds, drag the arena, haul hay from the lower barn to the upper barn, pull the manure spreader and drag pastures. It is a very important piece of equipment and makes things very hard when it does not work properly or is out of commission for repairs.

LED Lights for the Arena
Everyone has been impacted by the pandemic and we are no exception. Our utility bills are one place where we can cut costs. If we switch our lights over to LED, we will save funding on those bills and get rid of the annoying buzz the mercury lights make. Many times, we have had to shut the lights off for veteran lessons as the buzzing is just too much and can cause problems for them. While we want to be respectful, sometimes we just can't turn them off for safety reasons. LED lights will not buzz and cost a fraction of the mercury lights to turn on.